Ryan Pickford, Outsource Digital Managing Director

Ryan Pickford is the founder of OutSource Digital – a leading supplier of turnkey office automation services and products. Pickford began his career in the office automation industry in 2001 with ITEC Group as a Sales Executive Manager. For four years he proved to be one of the most successful sales managers in the company.

However, with a distinctive entrepreneurial spirit Pickford in 2004 made the bold move of starting his own office automation business, signing up Toshiba as their supplier of products. Pickford recalls how he started off with one laptop and for the first eight weeks he had no business.

On the brink of failure, a family member bought a printer from him which gave him the boost and set the ball rolling for a very successful career because a week later Outsource Digital signed a multi-million Rand deal with a large pharmaceutical company. This successful contract enabled Outsource Digital to rent office space and employ its first employee.

Not long after Outsource Digital singed another multi-million Rand contract with a number of non profitable organisations , providing a full turnkey office automation solution in seven of their offices across the country.

In 2007 Outsource Digital expanded its company by launching Outsource Branding, Outsource Media and Outsource Telecomms.

Pickford says he has had a number of career highlights as the Managing Director of Outsource Digital, however the most memorable was providing solutions for Fresenius Medical Care which has clinics across the country. In addition, while last year many companies suffered as a result of the economic recession, Outsource Digital acquired three companies and ended the financial year off showing a substantial profit.

He says Outsource Digital’s formula for success has been its aggressive branding tactics, employing an exceptional sales team that are not just “box droppers” but personnel that have extensive training about the brand which they then impart onto their clients with real tangible information. As the Managing Director of Outsource Digital, Pickford’s strategic goals are to open two satellite offices in Mpumalanga and Rustenburg which he hopes will create more awareness of the brand in these areas. He says his core vision is to ensure OutSource Digital becomes a household name throughout the country.
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