Top Technology Tips For Small Businesses

For many small business owners, technology is often seen as a necessary evil rather than something that can positively impact the bottom line. These days, however, technology really levels the playing field and can allow small businesses to compete effectively against much larger organisations with far greater resources.

Ryan Pickford, Managing Director of Outsource Digital – a leading supplier of office automation products and services – offers these tips for selecting the right technology for your small business needs.

Penny wise, pound foolish.
Skimping on basics such as computers, printers and copiers will, more often than not, cost you in the long run. Sticking with reliable brand names will ensure you get the support you need, when you need it. Dealing directly with Outsource Digital will ensure best of breed product, one account manager and one Invoice.

See it on The Big Screen.
Using a standard size monitor or screen can really slow things down, particularly when you regularly work with spreadsheets and need to constantly scroll from left to right to view all of the columns, or need to view multiple diaries at once. Invest in one for your PA/Office manager.

Open the lines of communication.
If you looking at reducing your voice and data cost for your office, a PABX solution from Outsource Digital is essential and, these days, really affordable. Nothing puts a potential customer off faster than not being able to get through to you. Apart from allowing you to make and receive multiple calls at the same time, it facilitates call routing and forwarding, voice mail and conference calls.

Look into Renting.
If you do not want use your working capital to purchase quality equipment, look into renting. By outsourcing, you receive a tailor made technology solution, utilising top quality, up to date equipment that comes with speedy support, maintenance and service level agreements. Further a rental is a full operating expense which is therefore 100% tax deductible!

Make technology work harder for you.
Technology these days is all about simplifying and automating processes, so make it work for you. Utilise “fax to and from email” for paperless storage of faxes. Download free pdf printer software for easy collaboration and sharing of documents. Automate your bill payments. Encourage staff to make use of free chat tools such as Skype and MSN, but discourage social networking sites!
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